Work Packages

Work Packages

WP1 "Coordination and project management"

The work plan is composed of 8 work packages (Figure above) enhancing implementation of RES, reducing fossil fuel consumption while ensuring the electric grid structures stability on islands. Work Package 1 (WP1) aims to insure proper coordination between partners, meet project deliverables dates, monitor and control the technical and scientific quality of the project, and establish effective communication with European Commission (EC). Also, this WP1 will early identify conflicts and propose solutions to avoid risks. The project coordination and management is designed to support and actively facilitate the implementation of the VPP4ISLANDS project in this way.

WP2 "Island requirements & energy services"

Before starting the R&D&I activities, Open Science and elaboration knowledge about the smart and green Islands, structured mainly in Work Package 2 (WP2), involves the understanding and assessing the barriers and drivers in various Island contexts, by creating a scientific inventory and advancing the state-of-the art related to our concept. VPP4Islands will also develop the framework for the requirements linked to use cases, technical specifications, and scenarios that will be used to develop our technologies, services and methods to co-create implementation strategies, energy transition strategy and define the assessment protocols.

WP3 "Digitalisation & Building of island energy community"

The WP3 intends to develop a digital Twin, define a standard method of modelling and create a library models of the main existing RES, DRES and storage systems. The WP3 will ensure the creation of a module of the environment Modelling, the development of a pluggable API that supports those modules and data traffic and the simulation and validation of the different models and resources needed by the VPP4IShadow to represent appropriately the real VPP4INode.

WP4 "Smart Functionalities for Energy Management & decarbonisation"

In order to enhance RES implementation, provide grid flexibility and increase the performance of the VPP4Islands, the WP4 will develop: (1) ML-based and advanced algorithms to predict the main environmental factors (Weather, Market prices, loads), (2) The virtual energy storage system concept, (3) Optimal control strategies and smart energy management algorithms, and (4) Decarbonise the existing energy systems.

WP5 "Secure communication & smart contract"

The Work Package 5 (WP5), led by BC2050, is responsible to ensure information security and trusted processes, as well as some aspects of physical security in the implementation of VPPs as part of the critical energy grid infrastructure: (1) Ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in the VPP, (2) Provide strategies based on smart contracts for eliminating the need for intermediaries by establishing smart contracts among VPP members and/or between the VPP, power infrastructure owners, and consumers with the goal of reducing cost and increasing flexibility, and (3) develop a secure API for data cleaning, clustering and analytics.

WP6 "VPP4Islands platform development"

This work package 6 (WP6) will integrate, connect, and combine the modules from earlier work packages to realize the global VPP4Islands solutions. A key component of the VPP4Islands solution is that individual nodes act autonomously as a distributed platform, which allows them to obtain solutions more efficiently and solve the unreliability of renewable energy sources through collaboration and aggregation actions.

WP7 "VPP4Islands solution testing and Validation"

This WP7 aims to validate and qualify the different approaches and the updated uses cases based on the scenarios defined in T2.5. In this WP7, we will combine diverse techniques (real-time monitoring, virtual world, forecasting) to assess the efficiency and the performance of our concepts. A comparison between scenarios and conventional case study. Also, a technical and economic analysis will be carried out to validate the DLT-based business strategy.

WP8 "Dissemination, communication and Exploitation of results"

This WP8 aims to set up and manage the communication and dissemination infrastructure of the project. Activities within this work-package have as objectives to: (1) Promote and disseminate the Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) activities and novel expertise defined in VPP4Islands. (2) Attract new stakeholders and identify novel opportunities. (3) Organize public events that bring the project and the participating research closer to society, showing the certain impact of the different solutions. (4) suggest VPP4Islands guidelines and participate in the definition of further policies related to the integration of the developed DLT based solutions. (5) Define a plan for the exploitation and sustainability of technologies developed during this project.