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REACT is a 4-year research project funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 Programme. Its objective is to achieve island energy independence through renewable energy generation and storage, a demand response platform, and promoting user engagement in a local energy community; REACT is developing a technical and business model to demonstrate that these technologies can bring economic benefits, contribute to the decarbonisation of local energy systems, reduce GHG emissions, and improve environmental air quality.


RDIUP and TROYA ÇEVRE DERNEĞİ from VPP4ISLANDS 🏝️ have respectively presented #policy_recommendations 💡 and #energy_communities 🔋. This replication board is organized by GIFT project on 6th June 2023 where 10 sisters projects are involved as: GIFT H2020VPP4ISLANDSH2020 MAESHAISLANDER ProjectIANOS H2020 projectROBINSON - H2020REACT Project EUSOCLIMPACTH2020 INSULAE ProjectNESOI - New Energy Solutions Optimised for Islands

BRIDGE is a European Commission initiative which unites Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Islands, and Digitalisation Projects. VPP4SILANDS is participating in almost Working Groups.


VPP4ISLANDS 🏝️ with sister projects has created a joint White Paper on replication to present and share key results, best practices and lessons learnt.


We are proud to announce that the #VPP4ISLANDS (virtual) kick-off meeting 💪 organized by coordinator AMU took place on 22 and 23 October. All partners were represented to make this great project successful.

This video presents VPP4ISLANDS project 💪 and focuses mainly on the turkish leading Islands “Gökçeada” (UEDAS) that aims to test and validate the aggregation of grid flexibility ⚡

The Municipality of #Grado is a key Partner (Follower Island) of the Horizon 2020 project and is working for the definition, replication and experimentation of Virtual Energy Communities.

Already at #M10, after research; partnerships and efforts 👏arrives our first #General #Assembly💪 of the #H2020 🇪🇺#VPP4Islands🏝 project chaired by #RICCIO Julia and #Seifeddine BEN ELGHALI from #AMU

#Clean and #green💚 #energy🔋 in Gökçeada🇹🇷 Island is becoming reality thanks👏 to #VPP4ISLANDS🏝. This ceremony is organized by #UEDAS, #TROYA, #INAVITAS and #Bozcaada.

The funniest 😅 and best backstage 📽️ moments of our Italian 🇮🇹 conference in 20-07-2021, edited by our partners 🤝🏻 GRADO and CIVIESCO in the VPP4Islands 🏝️ H2020 🇪🇺 project

A TEDx talk discussing about the VPP4islands project done by #Follower #Grado #Islands 🇮🇹 undertaking to discover how you can lower your 👣 carbon footprint while saving money 💵  and energy 🔋(and helping citizens in your country)!
In 2022 our #Bornholm Island🏝 was named as the #greenest Island 🏝 in Europe by #EC 🇪🇺 and winner of #CE4EUIslands. This short video 🎥 shows all the #actions #carried out for a #green energy 🔋 #transition ⚡ to meet its #vision💡
In 2022, our #Follower #GRADO #Islands🏝 was a winner of #CE4EUIslands to present this view in this event 🇪🇺. This short video 🎥 shows all the #actions #carried out to decarbonize Grado through #green energy 🔋 #transition ⚡ to meet its #goals💡

Our #VPP4ISLANDS 🏝 partner #FTK represented by Dr. #Dominic #Heutelbeck has participated at #AxonIQCon22 💪 to learn more about how ABAC along with #SAPL and ABAC’s control access (#ASBAC) work with #Axon-based applications to establish policy enforcement on query-side implementation.

RDIUP and Brunel University London from #VPP4ISLANDS are glad 🎉 to introduce our #Smart 🧠 #Planning #Tool (#SPT) for a clean energy transition in Islands replication cases (at least three follower islands). Visit here below 👇 our short promotional video created by RDIUP 🎥

📢 Dr. Dominic Heutelbeck leading #FTK talked on AxonIQ about the Attribute-Based Access Control (#ABAC)🎚️and its applications 💡
For more details find below the two amazing Episodes🎥: #Episode I:
#Episode II:

📢 #Victor_Fabregat from Regenera Levante S.L partner in VPP4islands 🏝️ has presented our project in the television news IB3 Notícies 📺 .
👀 watch here the short video :
📢  RDIUP has organized a Public VPP4IBox Workshop to present VPP4IBox solution by VPP4islands 🏝️ partners: Schneider electric, Cardiff University and BC2050.
👀 watch here the recorded streaming video :
📢  Grado municipality 🏝️  hosted a workshop from 20-22 March by using SPT developed by RDIUP to define replication scenarios: Bornholm, Grado, CISC and Brunel University. 👀 watch here the recorded  video :